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Scott Miller wrote his first computer game in 1975 on a Wang 2200. As a video game master during the early arcade era, Miller won several tournaments and co-wrote a book on beating arcade games. Throughout the 80's Miller wrote 230 published articles as a video games journalist. During this same period Miller personally created over 20 published games. In 1987, Miller founded Apogee Software, which pioneered the episodic gaming model, game demos, and the online digital distribution model, all three still in use today. Apogee also helped birth real-time first-person 3D action gaming, the most prevalent form of gaming today, with the release of Wolfenstein 3D in 1992.

Miller re-branded Apogee as 3D Realms Entertainment in 1994, then co-founded the publishing company, Gathering of Developers, in 1998. Miller co-created and co-designed three major original game IPs, with sales totaling over 11 million units: Duke Nukem, Max Payne and Prey. (In 2002, Miller negotiated the sale of the Max Payne IP to Take-Two Interactive in a deal totaling $48 million--the first deal of its kind in the industry.) Miller was also involved in the creation of the mega-franchises, Descent and Wolfenstein 3D. Throughout his career Miller has established strong business relationships with third-party game studios, going back to Id Software in 1990, helping these studios to create and develop new, successful game IP. In total, Miller has been significantly involved in the creation of multiple IPs with sales totaling over $1.1 billion at retail--and not one Hollywood license among them.

Scott Miller, Chief Creative Officer

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The leaders of Radar all have something in common: 
We're from the game industry.

This doesn't seem so special, except if you look at the executive level of most of the competition, there's a stunning lack of experience from the game industry itself.  But all of the founders and management of Radar come from the game and film industry.

We've been in the industry long enough and have more than our share of proven successes to know what works, and what needs radical fixing.  We have a unique set of experiences that is as different to the film industry as the film industry is to rocketry.  Compare our executives with those at other companies.  You'll see the difference.

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>Jim Perkins, Chief Executive Officer
>Scott Miller, Chief Creative Officer
>David Atkinson, Chief Financial Officer
>Pat Heptig, General Counsel
>Dave Adams, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
>Will Kerslake, Creative Director
>Scott Faye, President, Depth

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